August 19, 2015

Go Editor Setup

After a few nights reading the golang-book and hacking around with golang in general, I finally broke down and set up Vim to make it not feel like Unix circa 1970. I took a look at the IDE and text editor plugins list on the go github page and finally settled on a setup.


What I learned

  • I’ve used vim for over a decade and know nothing about it
  • Vundle’s required config breaks git if you are using the vi alias. This fixed it: git config --global core.editor $(which vim)
  • vim’s omni completion popup menu is pretty slick
  • The completion popup’s color was some ugly pink because I never told vim I was using a dark terminal background with set background=dark
  • The iterm2 tango-dark color scheme makes vim color scheme’s look weird (I switched to the default dark scheme in iterm2 to fix)
  • vim-go makes installing its go-based dependencies super easy

Now we’ll see how long I continue to mess around with Go.

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